• Poznan’s flood safety will increase.
  • Ecological values in the river zone will increase.
  • The green spaces of Poznan will be connected to inner-city green areas.
  • Urban parks and green areas will be linked to the Warta green zone.




  • The City of Poznan will be more competitive in attracting investors, businesses etc.
  • Land values in the river zone will increase.
  • The functionality of the river zone will increase, which will result in economic benefits (e.g. shorter travel times).
  • Private investment in the river zone will increase.




  • The identity of the long-neglected river transforms into a highly-attractive area.
  • The identity of the City of Poznan as a whole will be strengthened.
  • Poznan will be able to identity itself as a pioneer city in Poland in integrated water management.
  • Many areas in the vicinity of the river area will be revitalised.




  • The strategy will result in increased public use of the river zone.
  • Poznan population will benefit from increased flood safety.
  • The city life and well-being of the citizens will be improved by improvement in urban quality.
  • The citizens of Poznan will take pride in and commit themselves to the implementation of the strategy.




  • An extensive communication project will result in the enthusiasm of the public, stakeholders and politicians.
  • Many strategies, plans and projects on a variety of subjects will be connected in the integrated strategy.
  • The momentum will be created to use the river for (public) transport.
  • Several city districts have been connected to the river zone.