"NA RZECZ WARTY" Partnership

The City of Poznań, KuiperCompagnons, DHV and SwedeCenter have founded a Partnership "Na Rzecz Warty", an initiative which opens up a unique opportunity for designing a complex development plan for the waterfront areas situated on the Warta River. In order to implement the project, on 15 September 2011 KuiperCompagnos, acting on behalf of all the partners, applied to the Government of Netherlands for a grant under the ”Partners voor Water” programme.




  • Defining the role of the Warta River in Poznań and the directions of  its development as the starting point for recovery of the Warta River by the City of Poznań and its inhabitants
  • Improvement of the land use by facilitating the planning of investments and boosting the attractiveness of the waterfront areas
  • Giving an economic incentive to the City by coherent coordination of the land use and development projects of the areas situated on the Warta River
  • Integration of the planned waterfront investments with the key assumptions of the Masterplan – the Portowo pilot project
  • Improvement of the flood safety system of the City of Poznań








190 000 €  

grant from the Dutch Government Programme ”Partners voor water”

110 000 €  

joint contribution of KuiperCompagnons and DHV

100 000 €  

contribution of SwedeCenter


contribution of the City of Poznań in the form of remuneration paid to the City Hall employees engaged in the project.

400 000 €   Total cost of the Project implementation  







Thanks to a joint initiative of the Poznań City Hall, KuiperCompagnons, DVH and SwedeCenter which led to the establishment of the Partnership "Na Rzecz Warty", Poznań has gained a valuable opportunity for returning to the Warta River and creating for its inhabitants the right conditions for making use of the untapped potential of the river, forgotten for many years. The project prepared by the Partners assumes designing of a complex plan of the Warta River development, in line with the key assumptions of the Development Strategy for the City of Poznań to 2030 and the guidelines set forth in the “River in the City” Programme.


The representatives of the Partnership for the Warta River hope that their project will help to define the role of the river in the city, identify the optimum river development directions from the point of view of Poznań inhabitants and improve the land use management in the city by facilitating the planning of investments and boosting the attractiveness of the areas situated directly on the river. The project will also contribute to enhancement of the flood defence system and, in the long-term perspective, will ensure integration of all investments planned in the vicinity of the river, in conformance with the overall principles worked out in the course of this project.


Within the framework of the Partnership "Na Rzecz Warty", a plan will be prepared for the development of waterfront areas situated on the Warta River section crossing the City of Poznań. The stakeholders involved in the drafting of the plan will include the specialists employed by KuiperCompagnons and DVH, employees of the Poznań City Hall, representatives of the municipal companies in charge of the city’s water resources, as well as the inhabitants of Poznań, members of non-governmental organisations and representatives of the business community who will act as a consultancy group for the implemented project. The work on the Warta River development plan will be executed in two stages. The first stage will include a review of the ground conditions, local land use plans and the management of the areas to date. The second stage will focus on the drafting of a strategic programme covering such aspects as the flood safety, economic analysis, the implementation schedule (including the work to be executed broken down into proposed projects and sub-projects) and the suggested pilot projects to be implemented in the areas situated  on the Warta River.


The final deliverable of the project i.e. the Warta River Development Plan will be published in the form of a know-how manual describing how to invest in the river and the riverbank areas.


The pilot project aimed at returning the Warta River to Poznań will be the ”Portowo” investment implemented by SwedeCenter. The post-industrial areas situated in the vicinity of Rondo Starołęka will serve as the location for modern residential housing with infrastructure which will allow  people to take advantage from the valuable natural  resources and recreational opportunities offered by the Warta River and its banks.


The total implementation cost of the project promoted by the Partnership "Na Rzecz Warty" is estimated at EUR400,000. More than 50% of the costs will be funded by the foreign partners: KuiperCompagnons and DHV will contribute jointly EUR 110,000 and SwedeCenter will donate  EUR 100,000. The contribution of the City of Poznań will take a form of remuneration for the working time of the City Hall employees involved in the preparation and execution of the project. In order to finance the remaining amount of EUR 190,000, the Partners have applied for a grant under the ”Partners voor Water” programme  operated by the Government of the Netherlands which spent EUR 4m in 2011 on subsidizing projects implemented in the Netherlands and in 26 other countries, related to such issues as security, water management, climate, food, ecosystems and management of water resources,. The application for co-financing of the Polish project was submitted on 15 September 2011.


If the grant is awarded, the project agreement will be officially signed in December this year and the implementation of the project will begin. The consultancy team will start working in January 2012 and will continue to work for the next eight months. In autumn 2012, the completed Warta River Development Plan will be submitted to the authorities of the City of Poznań.