1. Northern Island – the current situation


The third pilot project involves the northern part of the area that is surrounded by Warta’s river arms. This part of the city hosts mainly (former) industrial areas that are often deserted.






2. Plans for the future Northern Island


Due to the location of the Northern Island - close to the city centre and in the middle of the “green cross” - it has great potential for development into an attractive high-quality urban city area. A new district for Poznan with living, working, and leisure in a highly-exciting and dynamic river landscape.
“Green rivers” are created to establish an environment of several islands. These “green rivers” are under normal circumstances natural green zones that separate the different parts of the Northern Island, and that will fill up with Warta’s water in times of high-water levels. In these times extra discharge and retention capacity is created to improve river safety.
The different islands that are created each have their own character and style. The islands closest to the city centre are the most urban with mixed functions, and the islands away from the centre are more focussed on attractive residential functions in close harmony with the River Warta.



3. The Northern Island set of subprojects


The set of subprojects from the implementation plan that are integrated into the Northern Island pilot project are:

  • Completing the first city ring;
  • Realising new additional urban structures by developing diverse character islands;
  • Establishing new significant regional cultural buildings within “green cross”;
  • Excavating additional river channels connected to green structures.