1. The existing situation in Portowo


Portowo’s location is the old port of Staroleka which has been abandoned and in decline for many years. This neglected area on the banks of the River Warta is closed to the general public and has a very limited contribution to the City of Poznan.



2. Plans for the future Portowo


The private developer SwedeCenter has a vision of and plans for the redevelopment of the site into an attractive living, working and leisure environment in harmony with the river. In preparation for these plans industrial buildings and infrastructure have been removed as a first step towards improvement of the area.
The plans are to make Portowo a new highly-attractive publically-accessible urban area for Poznan, with key characteristics that are not yet present in the existing situation of environments in Poznan. The new urban living area has a strong link with the River Warta and improves its natural, ecological and spatial qualities.

A new river arm will create greater flow and retention capacity for Warta, which improves the river safety of Poznan. Increasing Poznan’s flood safety is one of the main priorities of the Portowo development. The proposed marina and urban plan for Portowo will be an impulse to the use and development of the River Warta in Poznan.
As this is a private development, the City of Poznan does not bear the financial consequences of the transition of site. The City of Poznan does, however, have financial-economic benefits from the development. For example taxes and increasing land prices of the surrounding areas financially contribute to the Poznan public.



3. The Portowo set of subprojects


The set of subprojects from the implementation plan that are integrated in the Portowo pilot project are:

  • Constructing a new and completing existing pedestrian and cycle routes/ network;
  • Creating extra space for the river by connecting the existing river arm of the old port Starolecka;
  • Improving existing bridge construction;
  • Revitalising the old port Starolecka;
  • Establishing boulevards along the river;
  • Installing river-related services;
  • Constructing significant new regional cultural buildings within the “green cross”;
  • Constructing a marina in Portowo;
  • Organising and setting up water transportation;
  • Putting in sports facilities for water- connected sports.


To achieve the goals of the strategy a selection of the above-named subprojects need to be implemented. The more subprojects are implemented, the better the Development Strategy’s goals are achieved. However, it is not a necessity to complete all the subprojects.