1. The existing Chwaliszewo situation

Chwaliszewo is part of the Poznan’s historical city centre that is located along the River Warta. In the past (until the 1970’s) this part of the city was an island on its own in the river zone. The old river arm that separated Chwaliszewo from the old town was filled in and now is largely in use for car parking.
The strong link between Chwaliszewo and the historical city centre with the River Warta has disappeared. Just as with the historic Royal Route.

2. Plans for the future Chwaliszewo

Bringing back the old river arm of the Warta will contribute to the river safety of Poznan. This will also create big opportunities for the redevelopment of Chwaliszewo and the banks of the new river arm. A new highly-attractive part of the city centre can be created, and the historic Royal Route can be revitalised.

3. The Chwaliszewo set of subprojects

The set of subprojects from the implementation plan that are integrated in the Chwaliszewo pilot project are:

  • Building new bridges;
  • Reconnecting the historic Royal Imperial Route;
  • Establishing boulevards along the river;
  • Activating Garbary Square;
  • Excavating additional river channels connected to green structure;
  • Constructing a marina in city centre;
  • Installing a touristic tram;
  • Reconnecting the historical Royal Imperial Route;
  • Excavating additional river channels connected to the green structures.