The company offers a wide range of services associated with the development projects involving waterfront, riverbank and coastal areas, including identification of the social and environmental effects of their implementation. KuiperCompagnons has designed and managed a number of waterfront development projects all over the world. The most spectacular examples include projects implemented in China (South Bunt, Shanghai, Chongming Island, Shanghai, Qianhai Bay, Shenzhen and Shanghai Yachting Industry Master Development Plan) in the Netherlands  (City of the Sun, Blauw Bloed (Blue Blood), Balcony in Maassluis and Coastal Vision for Lelystad), in Russia (Expansion of St. Petersburg), in Ireland (Residential Development in Hafnarfjördur) and in Tunesia (Taparura Master Plan, Sfax).

Since 2008, the specialists from KuiperCompagnons have been providing advice services to the City Hall in Poznań in relation to the development of the Strategic Programme „River in the City”. To this end, the company carried out a complex analysis of the environmental, economic, urban and recreational interrelations between the Warta River and the City of Poznań. In 2009, the company took part in a competition announced by the City of Poznań for the concept of regeneration and restructuring of the Śródka district on the section along the Warta River and won the second prize.



DHV company was founded in 1917 and today is one of the biggest consulting firms worldwide, employing over 4,700 consultants, experts, engineers and technicians from all fields of specialization in 19 countries of the world. In Poland, DHV has been developing its business since 1992 as an international consulting and engineering group providing services and proposing sustainable solutions in such sectors as transportation, infrastructure, construction, industry, water management and environmental protection, urban planning, telecommunications, aviation, clean technologies and ITS. The main clients of DHV include public sector institutions, non-governmental organizations, industries, service providers, contractors and developers, as well as international development agencies.


The DHV holding aspires to exert a positive influence on the economy, society and the natural environment in each country where it operates. It is a signatory of the PACI (Partners Against Corruption Initiative) statement and a member of the United Nations Global Compact of the World Economic Forum. KuiperCompagnons and DHV have been successfully cooperating for many years on the implementation of projects in which urban planning and designing tasks are combined with water management expertise.,