The project aimed at preparing the development plan „Na Rzecz Warty” is the first step towards the implementation of the Strategic Programme ”River in the City”, within the framework of the “Development Strategy for the City of Poznań to 2030”. A dedicated project team has been set up with representatives of the Real Estate Department, Environmental Protection Department, Project Coordination Office, Investment Promotion and Investor Support Office, Public Relations Office and City Promotion Office as members.

The authorities of the Poznań City are aware of the untapped potential of the waterfront areas, both in terms of their natural value and investment opportunities. The purpose of the activities planned, developed and implemented by the City Hall is to ensure sustainable development of the areas situated on the Warta River. In all projects, no matter whether financed from the City’s budget resources or funded by project partners, Poznań always expects top quality final deliverables. Therefore, the City has decided to enter into cooperation with renowned partners conducting global operations, whose track record to date is a guarantee of a high quality, comprehensive land use plan, rational urban development and improved flood safety.